"In the last 32 years that I've been in hotel management, I've had many occasions to engage the services of 'interior designers'. I've come to discover that while many people claim to be 'designers' very few can deliver the goods. They either have an abundance of creativity but don't have the technical skill to execute their / your vision, or they have all the skill in the world but are sorely lacking in imagination.

Then, there's Macelle and her team. Fate brought us together during another business transaction and she mentioned that a basement storage space I owned(1300 sq ft) would make a great speakeasy for the building tenants. 

Right from the beginning I realized that Macelle was different. Instinctively, she seemed to truly understand how to maximize the space, offered a fantastic vision and allowed a small team of stakeholders to share input and come to a common ground without watering down the overall design vision.
Macelle is a perfectionist with great vision, organization and leadership skills. She has built a team that is well rounded, talented and puts their hearts and souls in to their projects.   We took several changes in direction during the planning phase and Macelle was always flexible and seeking to understand our goals.   In the end the space has exceeded all of my expectations.  She met our timelines and budgets and delivered well beyond my expectations.   I am thrilled that Macelle had this wonderful idea on how to use this space and then the talent to design it masterfully.
I highly recommend Macelle and her team for any design projects, their vision, talents and skills will almost guarantee a wonderful outcome."
Robert Thomas
Investor & General Manager for Marriott




I would like to recommend Macelle and M Design Build Studio for the excellent job they did in providing architectural and interior design services which included space planning and room design to fully maximize the space and functionality in our new service center.
Despite tight schedules, numerous scope changes, bureaucratic delays, Macelle and her team did an outstanding job patiently and professionally meeting all of our needs and expectations. Besides designing all of the layouts, they were instrumental in recommending furniture and fixtures that made the most sense in our new environment.
I would strongly recommend, without hesitation, M Design Build Studio for any architectural and interior services that required space planning, architectural and interior design, or space maximization.
Jeff Miller
Service Center Manager
Smartmatic USA, Inc.




We hired M Design Build Studio to help provide a fresh perspective to the design of our event space.  Macelle and her team skillfully provided input and inspiration based on the design road map I provided to her team of maintaining the integrity of our original design (i..e, Art Deco combined with modern aesthetics) with fresh ideas.  I wholeheartedly recommend Macelle and her team for your next project.

 Robert Shahnazarian
VP Sales & Marketing, NOOR 


 "I run many businesses and this building is a passion project of mine. In the beginning I started off with a very clear vision of what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted it to function. Macelle and her team came in with their design process and proposed an alternative design. At first, I wasn’t on board with the changes, however in the end, I realized her holistic approach provided for a better design for the entire company and I’m glad for it. Macelle’s aesthetics, creativity and imagination brought design elements to the project that will bring a sense of joy and wonder to all those who enter into the space."

Kyle Kazan, CEO, 
Beach Front Property Management




Working with M Design Build Studio has been an absolute pleasure. When our office needed some refreshed energy after renewing our lease, Macelle and her team exceeded our expectations with their knowledge, expertise and impeccable style. What I appreciate most about M Design Build Studio is their flexibility to work within our budget without compromising the integrity of the space. The icing on the cake is that Macelle is fun, easy to work with and always a professional!  

Marlene Nantell
Director of Business Development
Southern California
Minority Supplier Development Council



Macelle's a great innovative 3 dimensional designer and I’m waiting for her to break into the 4th dimension.

Abhay Gokani, CEO, LA Townhomes
Multi-family Developer


Macelle is a fabulous interior designer with a unique intuitive ability to understand what the client wants
and create an end product even better than the client originally imagined.

Mariana Reis, Partner, JHC Construction




Can a kitchen remodel actually be life changing? It can when the space becomes efficient, open and welcoming and there’s a place for everything along with room for the kids to do homework while you’re making dinner. Truly appreciate the creative thinking and collaborative nature of Macelle and her team at M Design Build Studio as we re imagined our kitchen.
The end result added great value to our home and our family!  

Bill Buckley, VP Brand Integration, Ayzenburg Group
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